Helping You and Your Car Breathe Easy

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Many people are unaware of the importance of a regularly replaced air filter. In fact many people are unaware that their vehicle has different types of air filters. Each of these filters has a different and equally important job. Both of them are also equally as important to the overall general well being of you and your car. There are basically two types of air filters, engine filters and cabin air filters, one takes care of your engine and one takes care of you.


Engine Air Filter

Engine Air Filter Yes, your car runs on air! Okay not really but wouldn’t that be nice! The truth of the matter is that your engine needs to take in air in order to run efficiently. Air is brought in to your engine and mixed with gasoline in order to help facilitate the movement of gas from your vehicle’s gas tank to the intricate parts of your engine that need it to get you roaring down the road. Now, most of us will readily admit a clear lack of understanding about the inner workings of our engine but suffice it to say that efficiency and precision involve many inter connected parts that must work in unison to achieve a smooth and trouble free ride. Air, if unfiltered when brought into the gasoline would mess up that intricate balance and affect your car’s performance. Bugs, debris, tiny plant particles, dust, just about anything that exists in the air outside of your vehicle will eventually make its way inside your engine and create a sludge that overtime can cause major issues. Granted the climate in Denton, TX and the surrounding area is pleasant most of the time but all of those airborne pollutants still exist and they can’t wait to go in and mess up your engine! Replacing your air filter regularly is the only sure way to prevent this from happening.


Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter  This one is for you. All the airborne contaminants that can affect your engine can harm you as well. Most vehicles are designed to have cabin air filters as well to help prevent unwanted air extras from circulating in the cabin of the car while you drive. This makes the air in your car, effectively cleaner than the air inside it.

So next time you find yourself cruising by Denton, TX why not pop in at Toyota of Denton Service Center and help your car (and yourself) breathe a little easier! Schedule a service appointment or get directions to our Auto Repair Service center near Lewisville or even better check our coupons for all your automotive repairs!